Considering the today crisis, banks must reinforce their control processes and update all their softwares ecosystem to be up to date with the last standards.
DataWings provides a wide range of innovative solutions (packaged or specific) to help the banking sector in automatising their processes, get more transparency in their activity and strenghen their controls of each transaction performed.
DataWings did not enter such a cut throat competition field without some key advantages and Service differentiators. Among them : significant lower costs and the providing of a fully integrated Service which includes Consulting services/analysis of the bank situation & training of the risk management platform.
Among the Services provided :

Follow-up of banks and financial institutions in their risk management policies to ease the implementation of the last standards (Bale 2, Bale 3, the French security Act, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act),
Allow banks to come-up to the supervising authority of their countries with processes compliant with the regulatory requirements,
Provide to banks the OpenSky Risk platform to operate their daily risk management activity.