Why choose DataWings ?

First of all, the DataWings team is passionate about technology…and it helps a lot to make quality !
Second, you will take advantage of a very unique technology, flexible and cost-effective developed internally that will ensure its perfect mastering in the developments by the DataWings team related to your needs.

Here are a few competitive advantages of the DataWings platforms & Services :

  • They are “living” : DataWings performs several functional generic updates per year for each of them,
  • Considering the fact all solutions share the same technology, a part of your developments are shared by the other customers. You get more for your investment
  • High level of automation for an optimised operational costs : DataWings has invested a lot of resources to integrate processes automation and efficient user interfaces to lower as much as possible all human interferences,
  • A very close follow-up of all yours projects with real and innovative advisings from the DataWings project manager.